Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Track and Field

St. Jude's has had a terrific track and field season this year. We had three separate teams, the under-10's, under-12's, and Elementary teams. These teams each competed at SSAF sanctioned track meets with our athletes doing fantastic! At the Under 10 meet, St.Jude's finished fourth overall out of 30 schools and Anthony in Grade 4 was named Top Athlete of the meet. We then carried over our success into the annual inter school competition with the Maples Academy, winning with a score of 357-194. We are very proud of all our St. Jude's athletes and look forward to another great season next year!

St. Jude's Summer Camp

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Bouldering Trip

The grade 7's went on a bouldering field trip this week. They got to experience some different challenges and try to test their rock climbing skills. The students did a great job of stepping outside their comfort zone and try new things. Check out the fun we had in the pictures!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Baseball Skills

We have been working on our baseball skills throughout the grades, learning how to bat, throw and field balls. The grade fours have been using a tennis racquet to help them be successful as have some of the grade fives. The grade sixes have been practicing using a bat and have had good results!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Striking and Fielding Games

We have started our new unit which is striking and fielding games. All grades will be working on learning the rules and skills to a combination of sports including kickball, baseball and cricket. The grades will be working on different skills to try and build on one another as the students progress through the years. The students started with some warm up games and have built on their knowledge of strategies to come up with the best strategies for winning striking and fielding games. Below are the skills each grade is working on.

Grade 4: The grade 4's are working on learning the basic rules of striking and fielding games and being able to hit a ball with a tennis racquet. We will also be working on catching a ball and throwing with accuracy towards a base.

Grade 5: The grade 5's are working on hitting a ball with a tennis racquet and then an enlarged baseball bat. We will be working on catching balls in the air and feilding them off the ground. We will also be working on throwing with accuracy and being able to develop our one handed catching skills.

Grade 6: The grade 6's are working on hitting with a baseball bat consistently, and being able to field all types of hits, both in the air and on the ground. We will also be working on fielding and throwing in one motion and understanding where they need to throw the ball. We will learn the positions of baseball and work on what each position needs to do to be successful.

Grade 7: The grade 7's are practicing hitting consistently with a baseball bat and being able to field all types of hits. They will also be working on the advanced rules of baseball including tagging up, leading off and stealing. The students will try to demonstrate their understanding of the game during gameplay and be able to make correct plays on the fly.

It should be a terrific few weeks of striking and fielding games. Don;t forget about the the fun srpin fundraiser things happening this week!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Silent Dance Fundraiser

We have an upcoming Silent Dance fundraiser to help promote Autism Awareness Month. Please see the advertisement below for more information!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Health Wrap-Up

We spent the last few weeks working on health. The students learned a lot about food and nutrition, exercise, sleep, hygiene, social health, mental health, emotional health, bullying and other topics. The grades experienced different aspects of health and shared their knowledge. It has been a productive week and all the classes have completed their summative tasks for health. Some pictures of the students completing fitness and their summative task are below.