Friday, November 30, 2018

All Types of Invasion

This week we started playing different invasion games to introduce the students to different sports and allow them to experience different games that require the skills of invasion.

Grade 4:
The grade 4's moved from handball to netball and have been having a lot of fun trying to score points in the basketball net. They have improved their passing and catching skills and were quick to learn the rules.

Grade 5:
The grade 5's also moved on from handball to netball and are practicing their skills to try basketball eventually. They have been practicing their shooting and rebounding and moving to open space.

Grade 6:
The grade 6's are going to be playing different invasion games up until the Christmas break. We tried floor hockey and soccer this week and the students showed strong skills. Some of the other sports we will be trying is handball, netball, capture the flag, lacrosse and speedball.

Grade 7:
The grade 7's went on their second curling trip this week and showed good memory and growth of their skills. They got to play some games and throw the rocks down the ice as well as sweep. We also have been playing low organizational games to allow the students to practice changing rules and understanding how different rules affect a game.

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