Thursday, November 22, 2018

This week in Phys. Ed

This week we wrapped up our sports that we have been playing and the students participated in tournaments centered around these sports. The students displayed their skills and understanding of the sports and were mostly able to officiate the games amongst themselves. Next week we will be starting some new sports and games for the students to try out.

Grade 4:
The grade 4's have been playing handball. They were mostly able to pass and catch effectively and showed an understanding of the rules. We even had some terrific goals and some show stopping saves. Well done Grade 4s!

Grade 5:
The grade 5's wrapped up their handball unit this week and the students came a long way. They were able to independently officiate games without me interjecting or telling them the rules. This is a big step for the grade 5s and is great to see. The students also demonstrated strong skills and an ability to apply strategy to their game. Next week we will be staring a look into netball!

Grade 6:
The grade 6's wrapped up their basketball study this week with a tournament. They displayed some strong skills in basketball and some good shots. Some students were able to make some lay-ups and showed a lot of growth over the week. Next week we will be starting our look into ball hockey!

Grade 7:
Grade 7 completed their basketball studies this week. They have been working hard to learn the terms and rules of basketball as well as practice their skills. They will be writing a quiz at the end of next week about the rules and terms of basketball. Next week we will be starting working on the rules of low organizational games and playing games. The students will be working on reflecting on which rules are the most important and which ones are irrelevant. They will then be planning and teaching their own game that they made up. Don't forget that we will be going curling on Tuesday. It will be our second trip to the curling rink and hopefully the students will be able to play some games with the rocks!

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