Friday, November 16, 2018

Handball, Basketball and Curling!

WE have had a very busy week this week. It was kindness day on Tuesday, allowing students who donated money to wear casual clothes,  the grade 7's had a trip to the Acton Curling club to practice their curling skills, the grand opening of the St. Jude's soccer dome was on Wednesday and the Science fair was held on Friday. Check out what each grade has been up to below:

Grade 4:
We have been practicing our handball skills and we got to actually play our first real game of handball this week. The students showed their understanding of the rules and we even saw a few nice goals scored. Next week we will be continuing our game play to allow the students to demonstrate and apply the lessons and skills we have been learning.

Grade 5:
The grade 5's have also been learning handball. We have been spent a lot of time learning the skills as well as the strategies that help handball teams be successful. The students played their first game of handball this week and displayed a great understanding of how to play defense and how to move to help open up for teammates. W will be continuing our game play next week to allow the students to apply the skills and strategies we have been focusing on in class to a game setting.

Grade 6:
The students have been practicing their basketball skills this week. We started playing our first game of basketball and the students were able to move with the ball and complete good passes.We even had a few students make some beautiful shots. Next week we will be continuing to pay games of basketball in a tournament style to allow the students to demonstrate and apply the skills we have been learning in class.

Grade 7:
The grade 7's went on a curling trip this week to the Acton Curling Club. They got to experience what it feels like to sweep and throw the rocks and we had a few students able to put it in the house from the other end. Our next Curling trip will be Tuesday, Nov. 27. We have also been learning terms and rules of basketball. The students completed a formative assessment of their basketball knowledge and we discussed the meanings of the lines on the court. We then played our first game of basketball, where the students were able to move with the ball and open up for teammates. They also were able t play effective defense and make team strategies for how to be successful.

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